Real Estate Coaching and Mentoring

About Us

We offer real estate coaching at affordable prices. Our goal is to encourage and motivate real estate professionals with a focus on new agents and agents transitioning into leadership positions.  All of our coaches are licensed, producing leaders in our industry and are excited to take you to the next level!

Weekly Accountability Coaching

Are you a newer agent or seasoned agent needing a jump start? Are you needing the extra boost to get outside of your comfort zone and in the selling zone? If so, this option is best for you! 

Monthly Accountability Coaching

Are you a seasoned agent who knows what is needed and just wants a mentor to brainstorm on business direction and best practices? This option works best for those who need very little accountability and desire the benefits of working with a mentor. 

Transitioning Into Leadership

You are ready to lead but not sure where to start? Need personnel, recruiting, culture and communication coaching? This option is best for people thinking about opening their own office or taking on leadership responsibilities within their current office. 

Time Management Accountability

This package is for everyone who has ever procrastinated (who hasn't, right?). It is included in the weekly and monthly accountability packages and can be added on to the basic or leadership package. 

Monthly Interactive Training

Want to take your business to the next level? Join the monthly interactive zoom meeting discussing topics that directly impact your business. It is interactive, your voice will be heard and questions answered!

Are you just a door opener?

Add personal value by knowing your market and the inventory available

Don't Be A Secret Agent

Make sure people know what you are doing and how you can help! People do not know what we do not show them!

Business Plans are for Successful People

How does your business plan look!

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